The Collected Works of Ernst Graf (1996-2019) 

“I say! You fellows! Yes, you fellows down there! You misshapen fellows, stunted, twisted, unfortunate faces—who look like you cannot count to 10, or recite your alphabets, and have to wear slip-on shoes all your life as you don’t know how to tie your own shoelaces, you there! What IS it about me that upsets you so?” 
This book is probably as close to an autobiography as the world will ever get from me. All of my writing is essentially a diary (or travel diary), and this book follows my progress through life year by year. There are gaps, years when nothing much happened, and the years 2008-13 when I was, in a sense, living instead of writing. I was having ‘a relationship’ instead of writing. This book will be the standard textbook for all those interested in the life & times of Ernst Graf, the mysterious Marquis de Vaccine, 1996-2019. 
“A Bible of degeneracy,” as my mother puts it. 
What is this book? A record of one man’s journey through life. Nothing more, nothing less. —Ernst Graf, the Marquis de Vaccine, 24th December 2020, Charing Cross, London.

Yes It Is I

Sayings and aphorisms of the great Marquis de Shard 1896-1930 charting the zeitgeist.